Fairfactia is a growing consultancy with offices in Munich, Germany and Delhi, India. Our consultants have deep collective experience in go-to-market strategy, business processes, factory sourcing, and the development needs of India’s garment industry workers. Our sole focus is India.


Our Mission

Fairfactia’s mission is to be a full service partner for European retailers that wish to source ethical trade textiles in India. By combining the expertise and resources of teams based in Europe and India, we aim to provide all the services necessary for retailers to establish ongoing factory production of their textiles in accordance with best-in-class corporate social responsibility standards.

The Team

Tara McCartney, Founder and CEO


Tara is a passionate advocate for combining sound business practices and social responsibility. She is an all-around marketing and Go-To-Market expert with 10 years of work experience in multinational companies. In these professional roles, she specialized in bringing complex incubation projects to market, and worked with strategic partners globally to enable their sales, marketing and technical employees to successfully launch new products and services. She has experience in the DACH, CEE and EMEA regions as well as in the USA. 

As the founder of the non-profit development organization United for Hope, Tara has gained deep, personal insight into the challenges facing India's poor. Through her engagement in social programs at the village level, she also knows how to implement practical solutions that work.

Vikas Malik, Director of Indian Operations


Vikas is responsible for management of Fairfactia’s Indian operations. This incorporates factory partnerships, staffing, business processes and strategic expansion in India. He holds a law degree from the University of Delhi and works as a lawyer at the High Court of Haryana and Punjab. He is committed to fairness and transparency in legal processes and has expertise in commercial and industrial legal requirements making him an effective partner in establishing compliant factories.

Using his close ties to India’s legal and political establishment, Vikas helps his fellow Indians who are in need. He is also a co-founder of United for Hope, where he manages a team of local field workers and the organization’s financial and strategic operations.

Fairfactia Partner Factories

Fairfactia has partnered with several textile factories in Noida (Delhi area) and, together with their management, is creating model ethical trade factories. These provide an excellent alternative for European retailers sourcing a first or new factory.

Our partner factories have successfully completed independent social audits and are committed to implementing and adhering to Fairfactia’s ethical trade standards. The factories have begun rolling out CSR programs in cooperation with a major German children’s wear retailer. In addition to covering basic legal requirements, the factories also offers clean water and sanitation facilities, free transport for workers, free refreshments daily, a staff lunch area, and a classroom. 

A United for Hope team is based in the facility, and European Fairfactia representatives visit regularly to oversee production quality and CSR implementation.

Our non-profit affiliate: United for Hope


United for Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating lasting change in the lives of India’s poorest people. Founded in 2013, the organization facilitates sustainable development projects at the village level through collective efforts and efficient planning. Project areas include:

  • Clean Water & Sanitation 
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Education 
  • Women’s Empowerment 
  • Sustainable Income

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