Delivering Full-Scale Solutions to Europe’s Textile Retailers from Indian Factories. Fairly.


Factory and Production Consulting

Choosing the right production facility in India – one whose capacity meets retailer’s requirements while fulfilling high sustainable and ethical standards -- is a complex process. Fairfactia’s on the ground
professionals provide the full range of consulting services for factory matching, including factory research and arranging samples.

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CSR Program Development and Delivery

Good for people is good for business. Our unique model of corporate social responsibility gives European retailers a decisive competitive advantage. We go beyond standard CSR requirements to bring dignity to the lives of factory workers. Fairfactia develops CSR programs through its own non-profit organization.

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Full Service Business Process Management

Fairfactia is the bridge between European retailers and Indian factories. We work closely with clients and partner facilities to ensure that production requirements are fully met. Rely on our combination of European strategic consulting staff and India-based experts to manage partnership discussions, price negotiations, quality management, logistics and more.

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