Fairfactia is Europe’s only full-scope consulting and execution partners devoted to ethical trade, in-house factory production in India. Our aim is to be a full service partner for European retailers – planning and managing every stage of the sourcing and production process.  Fairfactia’s tailored business consulting services streamline your projects from beginning to success. 

We only work with Indian factories that meet our ethical trade standards, and we create innovative CSR programs so that you can promote a truly ethical brand.


Factory Consulting

After close consultation with the retailer about the sustainable trade textiles they wish to produce in India, Fairfactia researches the best factory to do the work. This includes examining the factory’s capacity to complete the work to the quality standard and on schedule. We arrange product samples for your inspection and approval.

We provide social audits on all selected factories to prove that they meet our and your high standards for worker safety, pay, hiring procedures, workplace conditions, and integrated development programs.

Business Process Management

Fairfactia simplifies the business side of ethical trade sourcing in India by managing the entire process. Our Munich experts assist you in planning your product. Fairfactia’s Indian-based team conducts negotiations on the client’s behalf regarding price, terms of delivery and other conditions. Then, we closely oversee the production process to ensure quality, logistics and on-time delivery. Our service is designed to remove uncertainty and frustration from the process by handling business strategy at the local level with local expertise.

CSR Implementation

The goal of our CSR programs is to create a sense of dignity and personal empowerment among factory workers. Fairfactia’s factory working standards, employment conditions, and employee training programs go beyond the minimum legal requirements provided at many other so-called ethical trade facilities. 

Through our own non-profit, United for Hope, Fairfactia creates and manages CSR programs based on the wishes of the workers and executed in full cooperation with management.  An onsite team at each factory assures transparency and effectiveness.

Fairfactia also provides clients with reports, case studies and marketing material on CSR programs, ideal for promoting a sustainable, ethical trade brand with customers.

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