European business strategy, local Indian expertise, and a deep understanding of the needs of India’s textile workers. It’s the Fairfactia advantage. And yours.

Some consulting organizations organize factory matching for textile retailers. Others provide business services. And still others conduct social audits of production facilities. Fairfactia provides all three, and much more. 

We specialize exclusively in India. With business consulting experts based in Europe and an ethical trade production team in India, we are uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive level of service to retailers.


Business Consulting in Europe

Fairfactia's Munich, Germany team are go-to-market experts who help you conceptualize, plan and execute an ethical trade clothing line. We tailor our consulting services to the size and needs of each client company. Being based in Europe means we speak your business language and can work and communicate in your time zone.

A Trusted Source in India

A major challenge for European textile retailers is navigating business processes and factory matching in India. Cultural and economic conditions mean that design and order planning, price negotiation, quality assurance, logistics, governance, and day-to-day communication can be frustrating and counter-productive. 

Additionally, securing good Indian factory partners is a question of hit-or-miss for retailers based in Europe. Online research and industry recommendations provide only part of the information needed to make the right choice. 

Fairfactia allows you outsource these processes to a trusted partner with a local base in India.

Groundbreaking CSR Implementation

Fairfactia becomes a retailer's effective local partner. In accordance with our Ethical Trade Standards, we implement much more than just minimally-required CSR programs.                                                     

The Fairfactia team has deep, hands-on experience in the NGO sector in India. We founded a non-profit organization, United for Hope, in 2013 to organize and facilitate participatory development programs -- such as education and hygiene training -- in some of India's poorest communities. Thus, Fairfactia also has the tools and extensive know-how to administer factory-based CSR programs that improve the working conditions and lives of employees and their communities.

We guarantee that our clients' CSR efforts are transparent, relevant and correctly executed.